Nov 27, 2012

My new business card sized book

This is India is the coffee table-sized book you see behind the little books. It cost me almost $50 to print. Travel Snaps is the length of a business card. The print quality is the same, the heart of the big book is in it, but it cost me only $3 to print.

Why and how did I make Travel Snaps? 

Except for two anecdotes at the end, the little book has no text. It slips into any size pocket and it breaks through language and cultural barriers to communicate to potential portrait subjects that I know what I'm doing.

(TIP: To make this work your picture must be on the cover, or, as I hope will work with Travel Snaps, on the first page. It's better yet if you are holding your camera in that picture. Otherwise, your non-common language speaking contacts won't understand that you took the pictures.)

You can print your own 20-page business card length books on the Mac through Aperture or iPhoto or for about $3 a piece.

I made Travel Snaps in preparation for a journey through India that begins next week. This photographic adventure includes an extended stay at Kumbh Mela — the biggest festival that this world has ever seen. 60 million participants — the population of France — bathing in one muddy, but holy river.

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