Dec 8, 2012

"Naked sadhus are difficult to photograph because they smoke ganja always and have spears. If they offer a smoke, do not refuse."
I had a coffee today with Roshan, the Kumbh Mela camp facilitator. When I expressed apprehension about getting stoned with the sadus, Roshan said not to worry: 
"You will probably be OK if you take your shoes off, never use a flash and when you give the sadhu your business card include 10 rupees."
Today's photo shows the same Hotel All iz Well sign I photographed on my first night. This time in what I hope is this trip's first successful bit of street photography.

Tonight I'm off on my first over-night 3rd class non-ac train. I'll be traveling to Khajuraho and what the owner of my current guest house calls "the Kama Sutra temples." Roshan explained that I should have taken the (confusingly named) air conditioned coaches because they would be heated on winter nights and have blankets and glass rather than loosely wooden-shuttered windows, no heat and no blankets. 
"You will be cold, but you will survive."


  1. Did you bring a sleeping sack? That should suffice on your train travels in winter. I was always weary of the AC compartments, believing there would be AC even in the coldest of weather.

  2. Good Luck Brian travelling in the non-ac during winters in India. Hope you enjoy and come back with some hard on...Oops, I mean Hands On experience about the "Kamasutra Temples". Cheers!