Dec 7, 2012

Homelessness can be high status

View from my room of the deserted Main Bazar taken just after I arrived in Delhi

Left Portland at noon Tuesday. Arrived in Delhi very early Thursday morning. Fortunately, clocks can't measure time. The meals wheeled down the aisle like street-cars. It was a short trip.

I read Simone Weil's philosophy and watched Ridley Scott's latest sci-fi epic. In the latter some alien engineers created us, but now want to destroy us. Noomi Rapace is still out there trying to figure out why. In the former, "God could only create by hiding Himself. Otherwise there would be nothing but Himself."  Our creator has so far allowed this sinful world to exist because it makes our independent existence possible.  In India, many are, as Weil believed best, not waiting for the creator to destroy their world, but are hard at work uncreating it themselves.  The stars of the  unbelievably giant festival I'm attending are the voluntarily homeless—the naked sadhus. First the princely Buddha abandoned his palace. Later some of India's rulers fled their courts to wander through their kingdoms half naked and alone and seeking salvation. Homelessness can be high status.

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