Sep 20, 2015

inside Sri Ranganathasvami Temple

In the last post I had nothing but 2 ipod snap shots to show you of the inside of a great Tamil Nadu temple. Here I've gotten my camera through all of the seven concentric walled courtyards of the temple in Kaveri on one of their most sacred days. It's the Ganesh festival. The whole town has the day off. Everyone except the temple elephant. Ganesh is the elephant god, his specialty is clearing all the obstacles in your way. So I'll start with the eye of the elephant and then continue to show how he blesses the town's infants.

This is a day to wear your 'Sunday best' or just to take a nap in the temple on a hot afternoon. The final shot shows one of the temple cats prowling in front of the booth where they sell offerings for the temple gods.

This morning I'm traveling north by train for almost three days to Calcutta.

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