Sep 13, 2015

Meenakshi Temple in Madurai

Meenakshi Temple, like the Taj Mahal, was built in the 1630s.  The Taj was described by Tagore, India's most acclaimed poet, as "a teardrop on the face  of humanity."  I don't have a Tagore concerning Meenakshi Temple, but the four exterior towers look to my western eyes like wedding cakes on an acid flashback to India.

The huge temple interior, on the other hand, with its reflecting pool, its majestic passageways large enough that one can walk down them beside the temple elephant and be passed by a stream of Hindu worshippers without feeling crowded— it just took my breath away. Unfortunately, inside they now only allow cellphone photography. The second to last image shows an iPod image of a worshipper before the reflecting pool, the last photo is of an entrance to the Hindu only inner sanctum.

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