Oct 17, 2015

Calcutta street photography

Rick asked that we take a characteristic picture of each other's photographic style while taking pictures together in the streets of Calcutta last Tuesday. Rick's technique involves convincing perfect strangers to let him frame them in a darkened doorway for a dramatic closeup. I like this first shot of Rick taking a street portrait because here I got the darkened doorway framing his subject. 

In the second photo, I've taken, beneath Howrah Bridge, a head and shoulders portrait in what I think of as Rick's style. Howrah Bridge is like the Eiffel Tower of Calcutta except that you're not allowed to photograph from this city's symbol. However, under Howrah Bridge is it's own world and the topside rules don't apply.

Next is Rick's photo of me searching for spontaneous order in the chaos of the streets.

As you can see in my shot of a woman fanning herself beneath Howrah Bridge, the backgrounds I'm searching for are not often so orderly as a darkened door or the darkness under Howrah Bridge.

Last is a photo I made earlier in the day of a young family camped outside the train station.

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