Oct 1, 2015

Paris Hilton

Calcutta is as close as anyone today can get to the Paris of the 1930's. I might be the first to notice this.

That Calcutta sidewalk in my first image—if I had bothered to remove the umbrella, do a black and white conversion, and step back a few feet, might it be mistaken for one of Atget's shots of an old Parisian corner?

I don't know what a lost generation writer paid for a room. Nonetheless, the $3.80 a night I pay for a room at The Hotel Modern Lodge (second photo) seems about right.

And the people you meet here at the Hotel Modern Lodge! In the third photo that's Rick, a photojournalist who has a room on the roof.

I won't be posting much this month because I won't be traveling, just living the life of an artist here in this city of light.

I end with three street portraits I took this morning in the produce market.

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